Make Your Home Stand Out with RE/MAX Fit to Sell

Check out these very useful videos to ensure that you are preparing your home to show at its best!


Make Your Home Stand Out with RE/MAX Fit to Sell

When you’re ready to sell, you can help generate higher offers for your home, and more money in your pocket, by following the advice of your RE/MAX associate and using these easy tips in our exclusive Fit to Sell program.

Research has shown that homes that are properly prepared, show better and can spend less time on the market. With many homes on the market, buyers can be choosy. Having your home in its best condition will help generate higher offers compared to homes which are not properly prepared.

Deal Makers for Home Buyers                       FAQ on Preparing Your Home



Features of Your Home                                  Preparing Your Home for the Right Buyer



Top 5 Issues in Preparing Your Home        Top 10 Mistakes in Preparing Your Home 



Top 10 Ways to Improve Salability                 Turning Your Home into a Model Home



Why a Home Doesn't Sell

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Air Quality                                                        Curb Appeal

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Depersonalizing                                               Flooring

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Furniture Placement & Lighting                    Home Inspection

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Main Selling Rooms                                         Painting

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Pre-packing, Clutter & Editing                       Updates & Repairs

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