When the seller accepts your offer, there are several things that need to be done before you can move in.

Closing checklist


1. The agreement will have conditions to be satisfied on your part; start this immediately. Once these conditions have been met, Alisa can fill out the documents indicating completion.

2. Advise your lawyer of your accepted offer, and instruct them to start a search for title to the property; allow some time for this.

3. Ensure you have your homeowner’s insurance, which you can get before closing. To certify that you’re covered, your insurance broker can provide you a ‘binder’ letter.

4. Advise your lender to finalize your mortgage documents. It might be worthwhile to ask your lawyer to review them before signing.

5. Ensure to switch services such as telephone and cable to your name, while utilities such as hydro and water will be transferred by your lawyer. Your lawyer will also inform you of the certified cheques needed to finalize the deal.

6. Ensure to give your landlord sufficient notice if you’re currently renting.

7. Plan and detail your move so nothing gets forgotten.

8. Advise friends and family of your change of address, fill out a card at the post office, and contact the Ministry of Transport to change your driver’s license information.

9. Meet with your lawyer a few days before closing to sign the closing documents.

10. On your possession date meet up with Alisa to receive the keys to your new home!